MandateWire FAQs

Login and Registration

1. What if I have forgotten my login details?

If you have forgotten your email address used for registration, please contact customer support on (212) 542-1245 or send an email .

If you have forgotten your password, visit the password reset page here or call customer support on (212) 542-1245.

2. Why am I being asked to log in every visit?

Many login problems can be solved by instructing your web browser to accept "cookies" from our website.

Note: Some companies do not allow employees to alter their "cookies" settings. Please contact Customer Support if you still can't login.

Email Delivery and Real-Time Alerts

3. What is the difference between the MandateWire daily email and ‘real-time alerts’?

All MandateWire licenses include a daily email (Mon-Fri) providing the latest published mandate activity reports.

In addition, personalized ‘real-time alerts’ can be set up via the MandateWire site. Once an alert is set up, you will receive an immediate email notification every time a report is published matching your criteria. For instructions on setting up a real-time alerts click here .

4. Why am I no longer receiving the daily emails?

Check your ‘Subscriptions’ settings by clicking the ‘My Account’ link found in the MandateWire page header. If the issue persists contact customer support on (212) 542-1245 or send an email .

5. I have set up a ‘real-time alert’. Why have I not received an email yet?

We may not have published a report matching your criteria. Consider adjusting your filter criteria to capture a broader search.

If you are still not receiving alerts for reports that are published on the MandateWire site please contact customer support on (212) 542-1245 or send an email .

The MandateWire Website

6. How often is MandateWire updated?

Every day. Skilled regional teams of researchers and reporters are continually adding and updating information across the MandateWire sites.

7. I have noticed some incorrect information on MandateWire, how do I report this?

Please contact our support team on (212) 542-1245 or send an email and we will do our best to update the information.

8. How do I access sections that are not included in my current licence?

To upgrade your existing license to include one or all the available components (Intelligence, Market Data, Analysis, Directories and Documents) contact our sales team on (UK) +44 (0)207 775 6080 or (US) +1 212-542-1226. Alternatively send an email , selecting the subject ‘Subscribe Now’.

9. My company holds a license for multiple MandateWire regions, how do I access them?

MandateWire provides institutional intelligence across ‘North America’, ‘Europe’, ‘Asia Pacific (APAC)’ and ‘India, The Middle East & Africa (IMEA)’. Depending on your company’s license permissions, you can switch between regions using the ‘Select Region’ dropdown in the top-right of the page.

If you are interested in adding an additional region to your license, contact our sales team on (UK) +44 (0)207 775 6080 or (US) +1 212-542-1226. Alternatively send an email , selecting the subject ‘Subscribe Now’.

10. What is the FundFire ‘Search & Hire’ section?

FundFire is a sister service to MandateWire. FundFire’s ‘Search & Hire’ section displays a very limited snapshot of MandateWire’s full content, only covering mandate activities over $150 million from large public institutions managing over $1 billion in assets.

MandateWire Downloads

11. Can I download MandateWire content?

Yes. Depending on your company’s license permissions, you can download unlimited MandateWire results via PDF or to an XLSX file (MS Office 2003 or newer is required). Look for the ‘Downloads’ drop-down menu, typically found to the top-right of listings tables or download button to the top-left of analysis reports and profiles.   


12. How do I access my Excel download?

Downloading large Excel files can take several minutes to complete. We will send you an email with a link to your download once completed. Recent Excel downloads can also be found under ‘Saved Content / Downloads’, located at the top of the MW site. 

Note: Due to privacy laws, all downloaded files will expire after 30 days.    


13. Which CRM systems does MandateWire support?

Currently MandateWire can be fully integrated with SalesForce.

We are also open to discussing other CRM integrations. To discuss CRM integrations further, contact your regional Sales Team .

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